Safety Work Shoes and Boots in the Hygiene Sector.

To avoid possible contamination in hygiene-sensitive areas such as the food industry and production, choosing the right work shoes and boots is crucial. The standard here is white work shoes that are easy to clean and disinfect. They help to ensure that any soiling is quickly recognised.

Freezer Boots FREIBURG Item No.: FF407
Multi-layer, cold-insulating insole · high-quality and cold-resistant outsole made of rubber by Schomburg & Graf · unbreakable up to -50°C · plastic toe cap with overcap made of abrasion-resistant PU-coated leather · without midsole · width: 12 Mondopoint

Safety Rubber Boots GALAXY Item No.: FA913
100% metal-free rubber boot · Cold-resistant up to -25°C · Slip-resistant sole · Easy to take off · Shaft made of PU, antibacterial · Outer sole made of TPU · Anatomical, perforated footbed made of high-quality, breathable coating · Footbed is antistatic · UV radiation protection · Bonded inner lining made of polyester fabric · Width: 12 Mondopoint

Safety Rubber Boots COSMOS Item No.: FA914
SANI-DRY fabric · POLY-BED sole · anti-static · antibacterial SANI-DRY tissue · interchangeable · Cold Defender PU outer sole · cold-resistant for temperatures down to -25°C · steel toe cap · without mid sole · Width: 12 Mondopoint

Safety Rubber Boots FOODPRO MULTIGRIP Item No.: FF4052
The iconic food boot for (semi)solid contaminated areas · SRC rated outsole for excellent grip · Extra smooth finish for easy cleaning · Slip resistant to assure safe working conditions · lip resistant Outsole · protective Toecap · waterproof · Cold Insulation · Oil resistant Outsole · Chemical resistant · Energy absorbing · Antistatic · Comfort

Safety Shoes UVEX SPORT Item No.: FA864
General characteristics: Metal-free low shoe of protection class S1 Sole free of silicones, plasticizers and other paint-wetting impairment substances · Protection features: ESD certified · Extras: openings in the rear shoe area closed by mesh inserts for good ventilation · Velcro straps adjustable in length with a Velcro fastener · Plastic buckle for quick shoe changes · Comfort features: Women's lasts for sizes 35-40 · Closing mechanism: Velcro · replaceable, antistatic comfort footbed with moisture transport system and additional heel and forefoot cushioning · climazone climate management · Certificates: Orthopedic insole · ESD certification EN 61340-4-3 + EN 61340-5-1 · Standard: EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 SRC, EN ISO 20345:2022 S1 FO SR · Width: 11

Safety Slippers SHIELD Item No.: FA322
Microsafe upper, breathable - washable - abrasion-resistant and slip-resistant outsole - elasticated instep for optimum fit - lightweight plastic toecap colour: white size: 36-47

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Slipper CRYSTAL VENEZIA Item No.: FA217
Upper made of MicroFiber · antibacterial lining · Insole made of replaceable insole with moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties · Protective cap made of composite material, reinforced with glass fiber · non-slip lining made of dual micro · Outsole made of two-component PU · Weight: 460 g · Width: 11 Mondopoint · 100% metal-free

Lace-up Shoes WHITELOOP Item No.: FB761
Lace-up shoe high · Hydrophobic microfibre · Breathable textile lining · Closed, -padded tongue · Steel toecap · Full-length insole ESD PRO grey · MONO-PU sole SAFETY-GRIP · ESD standard · In accordance with DGUV regulation 112-191, it is possible to replace the standard insole with an orthopedic insole.

Velcro Shoes WHITESTRAP Item No.: FB720
Breathable textile lining · Closed, padded tongue · Full-length ESD PRO grey insole · Metal-free penetration protection · In accordance with DGUV regulation 112-191, it is possible to replace the standard insole with an orthopedic insole · With 3M reflective stripes

Lace-up Shoes CRYSTAL BIELLA Item No.: FA216
Outer material made of MicroFiber · non-slip lining made of dualmicro · antibacterial lining · Protective cap made of composite material and reinforced with glass fibre · Sole made of two-component PU · Profile with high slip resistance · Weight: 490 g · Width: 11 Mondopoint · 100% metal-free

Safety Shoes UVEX 1 SPORT HYGIENIC Item No.: FA622A
General Features: modern, metal free, ultra-lightweight and flexible S2 safety slip-on shoe with additional, removable hook-and-loop strap for optional coloured marking · upper made from water repellent microfibre material that is easy to clean minimal number of seams to reduce contamination suitable for people allergic to chrome as it’s made from synthetic materials · washable up to 30° Celsius · all sole materials are free of silicones, plasticisers and other paint wetting impairment substances Protection Features: meets the ESD specification with volume resistance less than 35 megaohms · 100% metal-free uvex xenova® toe cap - compact design, anatomical shape, good lateral stability, no thermal conductivity · ergonomically designed outsole comprising dual-density polyurethane with good shock absorption and excellent slip resistance Comfort Features: outstanding wearer comfort results from a newly developed last and climate-optimised, breathable materials · virtually seam-free construction to eliminate pressure points · removable anti-static comfortable insole, with a moisture transport system and additional shock absorption around the heel and forefoot · soft padding on collar and tongue · sizes 35 to 40 have been produced using a women’s last Areas of Application: light applications · Available in a size range from 35 to 52 and from width 10 to 12 · Certified with uvex medicare for individual, orthopaedic inlay soles and individual adjustments of the sole unit such as overall increase, inside and outside increase and other solutions Width: 11

Sock BASIC Item No.: XS201-00-39-42
Colour: White | Size: 39-42
Elasticated ribbed straps · extra high up to the ankle


Foot Protection for Proper Hygiene at Work

In hygiene-sensitive areas such as food production, white work shoes and boots are the standard to quickly identify potential contaminations. Every stain becomes immediately visible.

Why are Work Shoes and Boots Mandatory in Hygiene Areas?

Work shoes and boots worn in food production and hygiene areas must withstand high demands to ensure high hygiene standards.

The HACCP concept helps identify risks in food production and processing within the company and initiate appropriate measures to minimize them.

Work shoes and boots not only need to meet necessary safety criteria but also ensure comfort, health protection, and everyday usability.

DIN 10524 - "Food Hygiene - Work Shoes and Boots in Food Establishments"

The requirements regarding suitable and clean workwear are defined in DIN 10524.

  • EN ISO 20345 or DIN EN 345-1 = Safety Shoes
  • EN ISO 20347 or DIN EN. 347-1 = Occupational Shoes

What do S1, S2, and S3 Mean?

The abbreviation S primarily describes the safety category for the work shoe in general, which is divided into various categories.

Category S1

Work shoes and boots in Category S1 must be equipped with a toe cap that withstands at least 200 joules of pressure, an antistatic sole, and a closed heel area.

Work shoes and boots marked with SB also have a toe cap but lack a closed heel area.

Category S1P work shoes are often modern and sporty in appearance, resembling regular sports shoes. They are typically lightweight, often metal-free, and therefore very comfortable.

Category S1P describes work shoes and boots with toe caps additionally equipped with a puncture-resistant midsole. To provide a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible feel, the toe protection is often made of plastic instead of steel.

Category S2

Category S2 work shoes are primarily worn in food production and hygiene areas.

Category S2 work shoes have a toe cap and are water-resistant (waterproof for at least 1 hour). If these shoes are made from polymeric material, they fall into protection class S4. An example of this class is rubber boots.

Category S3

Category S3 work shoes have a toe cap, a puncture-resistant midsole, and are water-resistant. Additionally, these shoes have an antistatic sole with a slip-resistant outsole. The outsole has a stronger tread pattern compared to safety shoes in Category S1. If these shoes are made from polymeric material, they fall into protection class S5. An example of this class is rubber boots.

EN ISO 20347

Occupational shoes fall under the category O. They typically do not have a toe cap. However, if a cap is present, no specific requirements are imposed on it. The use of these shoes depends on the nature of the job and the tasks performed by the wearer.

Additional requirements may be necessary for all shoes:

  • OB: Occupational shoes that meet the basic requirements of EN ISO 20347 and may be equipped with an open heel area.
  • O1: Occupational shoes like OB, additionally antistatic and resistant to fuel, with energy absorption in the heel area. The heel area must be closed.
  • O2: Occupational shoes like O1, additionally waterproof.
  • O3: Occupational shoes like O2, additionally equipped with a puncture-resistant midsole and a treaded outsole.

What's the Difference Between Occupational and Safety Shoes?

The difference between occupational and safety shoes is that safety shoes have a metal or plastic protective toe cap in the front part of the shoe to protect the toes.