Complete Head and Neck Protection From the Cold with Our Balaclavas.

Unsere Balaclavas bieten ultimativen Schutz vor kalten Temperaturen. Wärmeisolierend und bequeme Passform, um Arbeiter warm und konzentriert zu halten.

Cap Scarf ANDERS Item No.: FH96  · PU: 2x Pack of 2
Microfleece · wearable as a hat or scarf · elastic drawstring for adjusting · the model provides special protection against cold due to the various wearing combinations

Balaclava FINDUS Item No.: FH91
Knitted double-layered · oval eye cut edged with overlock

Balaclava PETTERSON Item No.: FH880
Double-layered knit · insulated with 3M Thinsulate · ergonomic fit · long front bib · oval Eye cut edged with overlock

Hood KLASSIK Item No.: FH762
Button-on hood · compatible with X24J, X24B,X24W, X24C · extremely flexible, breathable and robust Taslan fabric · very light weight therefore very comfortable · use at up to -30° C · Class: 0.554 x 2 x

Neck Warmer ANDY Item No.: FH96A
Made of 100% Polyester (Anti-pilling Suprafleece) · elastic draw string; wearable as cap or scarf

3-Hole Balaclava SVEN Item No.: FH89
3-hole face opening · double knitted · long cut neck · 10 gauge acrylic · one size fits all

Balaclava FLEECE Item No.: FH90
Long neck · face opening adjustable with draw cord

Filter Snood ICETHERM Item No.: GS1010-F
A comfortable filter mask with internal pocket for a removable filter, cushioned nose bridge for the perfect seal and BreathEasy technology for easy breathing even in the cold. Use as as a thermal neck warmer or snood in cold temperatures, to keep ultimately comfortable and safe! In the cold with a standard mask, snood or neck warmer these issues occur: - In the freezer, moisture from your mouth ends up circulating around the eye area and freezing on the eyelashes, potentially causing extremely hazardous eyesight damage. - Normal disposable masks in cold areas get damp, unusable and uncomfortable very quickly and need to be thrown away. Considering the above issues, we worked closely with key clients to develop what we believe to be one of the best solutions currently available, welcome the FlexiTog FM7 Defence Face mask! Our initial trials with clients in in low temperatures, had excellent responses with very good comfort reports. The following key features will be of benefit to your teams; - Bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% in a removable and replaceable filter. - A snood which you can wear with glasses! A special construction round the nose area too stop moist air circulating around the eyes (also useful for those that wear glasses as it prevents glasses from misting up). - A special construction that keeps fabric away from the mouth area thus reducing the amount of moist fabric that touches your face (one of the most regular complaints about comfort of masks). Benefits of the IceTherm Filter Snood: - Cushioned Nose-Bridge - For a perfect seal to prevent fogging glasses and uncomfortable eyes - BreathEasy© Technology - Easy breathing in the cold - Removable Filter - External pocket for a certified removeable filter which is certified to EN14683. Order Code: FMF View here - Comfortable Secure & Fit - Elastic strap and adjustable drawstring for the perfect fit - Washable design - Thermal FlexEasy© fabric for a comfortbale fit - PPE CAT: I (PPE) 2016/425