Don't Let Contamination Add Up: Choose Our Detectable Calculators.

Our detectable calculators are a must-have for any food production facility. Made with high-quality materials and designed to be easily detectable, these calculators are a reliable addition to your office supplies.

Desktop Calculator Alexander (detectable) Item No.: DZ220
This detectable desktop calculator is designed for food production from the outset with minimal germ traps, fully detectable food grade casing and buttons, a large display, and large buttons · strong, Durable and hygienic construction · Casing and Buttons. Internal circuitry and wiring is also potentially detectable by metal detections systems · compatible with HACCP processes · dual Power System optional AAA battery · includes all Standard mathematical Functions · bright blue Colour for easy visual Identification · Pack Dimensions: 123 x 175 x 32 mm

Table Calculator ARCHIMEDES Item No.: DZ210
Detectable · Fully detectable buttons · Suitable for X-ray and metal detectors · Automatic switch-off · Blue housing · 8-digit digital display · Solar powered · Dimensions 15 x 12 cm

Hand Calculator ALBERT Item No.: DZ200
Detectable · No battery change necessary · Compatible with HACCP · Blue housing · With stainless steel lanyard with break lock · Reinforced fastening loop · Suitable for X-ray and metal detectors · Detectable silicone keypad · Dimensions: 75 x 125 mm