Write with Confidence and Keep Your Papers Safe with Our Detectable Clipboards.

Detectable clipboards are essential in maintaining food safety. Our range of clipboards are made from detectable materials to ensure easy detection in the production line. They are sturdy and easy to use, making it easier for your team to keep track of important documentation.

Stainless Steel Clipboard A4 KIAVO (Landscape Format) Item No.: DM902
100% stainless steel clipboard · Dimensions: DIN A4 landscape · detectable

Plastic Clipboard Item No.: FT910
Plastik Clipboard detectable · Clip: stainless steel

Clipboard LUAN Item No.: DM911-QUER
Aluminium clipboard · detectable · Dimensions: DIN A4 landscapet

Aluminum Clipboard LUAN Item No.: DM911
Aluminium clipboard · detectable · Dimensions: DIN A4 portrait

Stainless Steel Clipboard A4 KIAN Item No.: DM901
DM901 100% stainless steel clipboard, dimensions: DIN A4 portrait, detectable, unit: 1