Keep Your Feet Warm and Protected in the Freezer Warehouse with Our Boots.

Our cold protection boots are designed for temperatures ranging from -5°C to -49°C, providing reliable insulation and traction on slippery surfaces.

Freezer Safety Boots HELSINKI Item No.: FF506
Robust freezer safety boot for use in tough conditions · Long spiral zip on the side of the shaft makes it easy to put on and take off · To provide the best possible hold in the boot, it is equipped with laces · Width: 12 Mondopoint

Freezer Safety Boots MUNICH Item No.: FF405D
Robust freezer safety boot for use in tough conditions · Long spiral zip on the side of the shaft makes it easy to put on and take off · Width: 12 Mondopoint

Freezer Boots FREIBURG Item No.: FF407
Multi-layer, cold-insulating insole · high-quality and cold-resistant outsole made of rubber by Schomburg & Graf · unbreakable up to -50°C · plastic toe cap with overcap made of abrasion-resistant PU-coated leather · without midsole · width: 12 Mondopoint

Freezer Boots ICE DIAMOND Item No.: ID503
Base made of natural rubber · anti-static removable liner (see accessories product no.: ID504) · non-slip · cold-resistant outer sole · steel toe cap · without mid sole

Freezer Boots ICE DIAMOND Item No.: ID501
Base made of natural rubber · anti-static · removable liner (Art.-ID502) · non-slip · cold-resistant outer sole · steel toe cap · without mid sole

Freezer Boots ALBERTA Item No.: FB520
Safety boot made of full-grain leather · metal-free · lining made of lambskin · two-component PU/TPU sole · midsole made of Kevlar · plastic toe cap · climate cork system for comfortable foot climate · width: 12 Mondopoint

Safety Boots NEW BARENTS Item No.: FB731
Upper: water repellent printed leather · External Lining: breathable synthetic · Internal Lining: ecological fur, highly insulating, breathable, abrasion resistant · Footbed: EVANIT, made of EVA and nitrile special compound, with high bearing capacity and variable thickness (12mm - 8mm - 3,8mm). Thermoformed, anatomic, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric. Antistatic thanks to a specific treatment on the surface and to seams made of conductive yarns · Sole: dual-density polyurethane · Toe Cap: FIBERGLASS CAP, non metallic fiberglass resistant to 200 J · Midsole: non metallic APT PLATE · Zero Perforation · Width: 11 Mondopoint · Cold Protection (CI)

Safety Boots MYRDAL Item No.: FB400
Suggested Usage: footwear for cold environments · Width: 11 Mondopoint · Performances and Technical Features: Cold Protection (CI) · THINSULATE™ · toe cap protection · Water Resistant

Freezer Boots BERING Item No.: FB500
Very good thermal insulation due to a special fabric construction · water-repellent upper material made of cowhide · sealed seams · slip-resistant, cold-resistant outsole · lined with Thinsulate™ B600 · plastic toecap - PU/TPU outsole · KEVLAR midsole · Width: 11

Freezer Boots ISLANDIC Item No.: FB550
Extra cork layer in the outer sole for extra comfort and heat · outer sole: PU/TPU outer sole · plastic toe cap · KEVLAR mid sole · Width: 12 Mondopoint


Optimal protection against cold: Our Cold Protection Boots for freezers.

In extremely cold working environments, cold protection boots are not just an option, but often a necessity. They must withstand the extreme temperatures and high demands present in such environments. Below, you will find more information about the requirements for boots and general information.

Why are cold protection boots necessary?

Cold protection boots worn in freezers have to withstand high demands, such as very cold temperatures.

Freezer boots must not only meet necessary safety criteria. They should also provide insulation and warmth to ensure work efficiency and employee comfort.

What does S1, S2 and S3 mean?

The abbreviation S primarily describes the safety category for work shoes in general. It is divided into different categories.

In cool areas, S3 category boots are usually used.

S3 class work shoes and boots have a toe cap, a puncture-resistant midsole, and are waterproof. Additionally, the shoes have an antistatic sole with a slip-resistant outsole. The outsole has a stronger tread pattern.

Our cold protection boots meet the S3 standard and are additionally CI-certified, indicating the cold insulation of the freezer boots.

Do the soles not break in such cold areas?

Our cold protection boots are specially designed for use in extremely cold environments and have robust soles that do not break even at low temperatures. They offer excellent stability and durability to meet the demands in freezer and cold storage areas.

For which activities and environments are the boots best suited?

The cold protection boots are ideal for activities in extremely cold environments such as freezer and cold storage areas with temperatures ranging from 5°C to -49°C.

What fastening options are available?

Our boots are equipped with both a zipper and lacing.

Some models also have both components as fastening options.
With this innovative feature, you can adjust the lacing to your foot and slip in and out of the shoe using the zipper.