Premium Cut Resistant Gloves for Every Job.

Discover the ultimate protection for your hands with our premium cut resistant gloves. Designed to excel in every job, these gloves offer a perfect blend of safety and comfort. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or handling sharp objects, our gloves are built to withstand the toughest challenges. With attention to detail and quality, they provide excellent cut resistance without compromising on dexterity. Trust in our gloves to keep your hands safe from potential hazards, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with confidence. Elevate your workplace safety today with our top-notch cut resistant gloves.

Cut Protection Gloves TEGERA® 8805 Infinity Item No.: FGE118-5  · PU: Pack of 6
Size: 5
Despite its robustness, it is particularly comfortable, supple and offers very good protection · Cut protection class B · Cat. II · Touchscreen compatible · Very light · Resistant to contact heat up to 100°C · Suitable for use with food · Reinforcement between index finger and thumb · Certified according to ÖKOTEX · CE-certified · Good grip · Anatomically shaped · Length: 210-270 mm

Cut Protection Gloves MaxiCut Ultra Item No.: FG2495  · PU: Pack of 12
With patented nitrile microfoam coating · Cut protection class 5 · Breathable, abrasion-resistant, cut-resistant · Coated palms · Back of hand and fingers free · Pre-washed · Silicone-free · Ideal for all work requiring a high level of tactile sensitivity and dexterity · Touchscreen-compatible · PPE category: II · Suitable for contact with food (perimeter with dry, non-greasy food)

Cut Protection Gloves X-DURA Item No.: FG5010  · PU: Pack of 10
With nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips · ergonomic fit · cut protection class A4 · Lengths: 220 - 270mm

Cut Protection Gloves CUTGRIP Item No.: FG0811  · PU: Pack of 12
Seamless knitted, 13G · cut resistance level B acc. to EN ISO 13997 · very good fit · high wearing comfort · Packing: 60 pairs

Cut Protection Gloves CUT 3 Item No.: A620  · PU: Pack of 12
With PU coating on the palm and the fingertips · Ergonomic fit · Cut protection class A2

Cut Protection Gloves CUT 5 Item No.: FG535  · PU: Pack of 10
With nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips - ergonomic fit - cut protection class A3