Introducing the Fortdress Group:

We Enable Better Work in the
Food Industry and Logistics.

In an environment where every detail matters, the Fortdress Group, an innovative and successful family business, understands the importance of top-quality workwear. Under our renowned brand Fortdress, we develop products that not only withstand extreme conditions in freezer warehouses but also dress the wearer in comfort and style. In addition to head protection and teamwear, we also offer sturdy work shoes and specific products for the food production, such as detectable items. Our innovative drying systems ensure that your equipment is always ready for the next use. The heavyweights in the food logistics industry have been relying on the Fortdress Group for almost two decades. It is not only the quality of our products that is impressive, but also the integrity and reliability that has characterised our brand for generations.

Our Mission:

We keep you going.

For purchasing and warehouse managers worldwide who focus on quality, safety and reliability, the Fortdress Group is the reliable partner at their side. Our global network of resellers guarantees the availability of our products and our in-house product development ensures our high quality standards. Challenges are the order of the day in the dynamic and complex world of food logistics. With equipment from the Fortdress Group, you are ideally positioned to meet these challenges and successfully master your day-to-day work.

The Fortdress Group Services:

Our Support, Your Success.

We offer a wide range of services at the Fortdress Group that are aimed at meeting your needs and furthering your success, in line with our mission We keep you going. From customised solutions to a comprehensive emblem service and company-specific online shops - we are your partner for innovative and customised solutions in the workwear industry. Browse through our services and discover how we can help you to keep going.

In-House Development


Through custom product development with customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Our customers are the best product developers - they significantly assist us in the development and refinement of our products.

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In-House Development
Logo and Emblem Service

Precision Meets

Each item of clothing can be customised with your company logo or name emblems. We offer you the complete range of finishing techniques: Embroidery emblems, direct embroidery, screen printing, transfer logo, laser engraving etc. Get in touch to talk about it.

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Logo and Emblem Service
Online Shop and Catalogue

Optimize Your
Procurement Process.

As a customer, company-specific online shops give you full control over the procurement of workwear. Define addresses, permissions and budgets, while your employees order centrally and you maintain an overview.

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Online-Shop and Catalogue
Corporate ID Clothing

Consistent Brand
Presence for You.

Together with you, we develop workwear that is completely tailored to your corporate identity both in colour and design. Fortdress is unrivalled in its ability to respond flexibly to the specific wishes of its customers.

Open Configurator
Corporate ID Clothing
Extensive Range

A Range That
Fulfils Your Needs.

Our extensive range of cold protection clothing for frozen and fresh food storage, logistics clothing and hygiene products as well as detectable products covers all requirements in the food industry and logistics. Find the right products for your specific sector here.

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Extensive Range
Dedicated Contact Person

An Open Ear
for Your Concerns.

At Fortdress, you take centre stage. That is why you have a single point of contact in the office and in the field. Everything we do is guided by our slogan "We keep you going". How can we fulfil your wishes? How can we lighten your workload? How can we improve your processes through our products?

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Dedicated Point of Contact

The Fortdress Group Team:

Our Centrepiece.

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The Leadership Team:

Leading by Example.

With passion and vision, our leadership team leads by example.
In our dynamic family business, every member lives our global mission
for each other and for our customers in the food industry.

Board of Directors

Jerry Lauber

Managing Director

Sebastian Lauber


Matthias Lauber



Stefan Schander

Head of Sales

Tim Pfeifer

Head of Marketing

Kelvin Burk

Head of Operations

Monika Schmidt

Head of Finance

Annette Kreimeyer

Head of Procurement

Nino Menn

Head of Purchasing

Our Locations:

Available For You Worldwide.

We sell our products at numerous locations. With a worldwide network of sales partners
we ensure that our products are unmistakable and of unique quality around the globe.

Animated markings image
1 +
× Fortdress America LLC

4335 Anderson Rd Knoxville, TN 37918 Vereinigte Staaten

2 +
× Fortdress Group France

Pist Oasis 1 – Bât. D 131, impasse des Palmiers 30100 Alès, Fran

3 +
× Fortdress Group GmbH

Duisburger Straße 4 57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany

4 +
× Arbetsskydd Express

Torbornavägen 30 253 68 Helsingborg Schweden

5 +
× All Guard Safety

260 Church Street Onehunga, Auckland 1061 Neuseeland

6 +
× LogisticsWay Greece

Ermou 64 Athens 105 51 Griechenland

7 +
× Unisan S.r.l. Italy

Via dell' Artigianato 4 00030 San Cesareo RM Italien

× Fortdress America LLC

4335 Anderson Rd Knoxville, TN 37918 Vereinigte Staaten

× Fortdress Group France

Pist Oasis 1 – Bât. D 131, impasse des Palmiers 30100 Alès, Fran

× Fortdress Group GmbH

Duisburger Straße 4 57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany

× Arbetsskydd Express

Torbornavägen 30 253 68 Helsingborg Schweden

× All Guard Safety

260 Church Street Onehunga, Auckland 1061 Neuseeland

× LogisticsWay Greece

Ermou 64 Athens 105 51 Griechenland

× Unisan S.r.l. Italy

Via dell' Artigianato 4 00030 San Cesareo RM Italien

The Company History:

From its Foundation to Present Day.

Since 1992, our company has continuously progressed, from small beginnings
to the worldwide expansion as Fortdress Group GmbH. Our motto "We keep you going" is what drives us,
to provide innovative products and help you to keep going.

Graphic 1992

Foundation of the Company.

Mr. Matthias Lauber founded the company in Ladestraße under the name "Matthias Lauber e.K." With a clear focus on quality and customer satisfaction, he laid the groundwork for what would later become a flourishing company.

Graphic 2000

Relocation to Chemieweg with First Company Logo.

With the first company logo and a new name "Fortdress", the company moved to Chemieweg 4. The idea for the name came from Mrs. Lauber - because the building looked like a tower. From there, products from the brands Birkenstock and Eibe were sold in the region.

Graphic 2006

Focus on Cold Protection Clothing
and Partnership with Flexitog.

With the move to Eisenhüttenstraße, there was a change in direction from the previous distribution of general protective equipment for the local industry to a focus on cold protection clothing for the food industry. With the realignment, the logo also evolved and Fortdress became a partner & dealer of Flexitog UK for the DACH region.

Graphic 2010

Relocation due to Growth and
Further Logo Development.

Due to the nationwide acquisition of various customers, the company grew significantly and relocated to the next location "in der Steinwiese". This also brought about further development of the company logo.

Graphic 2011

Fortdress Own Brand: Start of
Developing Own Products.

The establishment of the Fortdress own brand in 2011 marked a milestone in the company's history. By developing their own products, Fortdress was able to respond even more specifically to the needs of its customers. This step was an expression of the commitment to innovation and quality.

Graphic 2012

Change of Name to Fortdress
International KG & Relocation.

Due to strong expansion, the company moved to Seelbacher Weg. In the same year, Fortdress was renamed Fortdress International KG. This renaming reflected Fortdress's increasing international orientation and underscored the company's global aspirations.

Graphic 2014

Additional Product Groups and
Relocation to Eiserntalstraße.

To supply the food industry with an even wider range of products, the company added additional product groups and moved to Eiserntalstraße.

Graphic 2017

Globalization: Establishment of
Fortdress USA and Fortdress France.

As demand for Fortdress products increased worldwide, Fortdress opened its first warehouse in the United States. Additionally, Fortdress International KG was registered as a partner in France.

Graphic 2018

Relocation to Wilnsdorf,
to the Current Headquarters.

The relocation to Duisburger Straße 4 in 57234 Wilnsdorf, the headquarters of the Fortdress Group, took place in 2018. Our products are distributed through partners at various locations worldwide, but the Wilnsdorf location is considered the main headquarters.

Graphic 2021

Emergence and Unfolding
of the Fortdress Group Umbrella Brand.

In 2020, the Fortdress Group was developed as the umbrella brand of the company and officially launched in the following year, 2021. This was followed by the renaming to Fortdress Group GmbH. As experts in workwear, we understand the specific requirements of our customers in the food industry and logistics. Our stated goal is to become the leading partner for occupational safety in this sector, and we are tirelessly working towards this goal. Our new corporate identity reflects this goal, while our product brand "Fortdress" continues to exist.

Graphic 2022

New Warehouse Locations and Finishing
Department Strengthen Our Service Quality.

Due to international growth, we leased an additional external warehouse with 500 pallet spaces near our headquarters in 2022. We have also opened another warehouse in the UK, including a finishing department, to be able to supply our British customers even faster and guarantee next-day delivery.