Don't Let The Cold Get The Upper Hand: Our Coldstore Gloves Have You Covered.

Our coldstore gloves provide reliable protection and insulation in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 5°C, ensuring productivity and safety in cold storage environments. Browse our selection of reliable and comfortable coldstore gloves and protect your hands from the cold.

Fine knitted Gloves SMART GRIP Item No.: FG32  · PU: Pack of 12
Made of polyamide-cotton blend with PVC nubs · good fit · dirt-resistant

Knitted Gloves THERMO GRIP Item No.: FG330  · PU: Pack of 12
Made of acrylic wool blend for extra warmth · excellent grip thanks to PVC nubs on the palm · fingertips with extra reinforcement · protection against mechanical risks · ideal for picking in the cold

Liner Gloves COMFORT TOUCH Item No.: FG3001-7/8  · PU: Pack of 12
Size: 7/8
13 gauge · index · finger and thumb with conductive fibres for touchscreen use

Fingerless Knitted Gloves OPENTIP Item No.: PW14
Fingerless knit gloves · Insulating Insulatex lining for warmth and comfort · Acrylic knit outer fabric · Knit thickness 9 for shape retention · Knit cuffs for comfort and warmth

Knitted Gloves GOODJOB Item No.: FM0234  · PU: Pack of 12
The *ECO WINTER* GOODJOB® Glove has a brushed inside for good isolation · The flexible and water repellant crinkled Latex is made of Palm Coating · seamless knitted / 7 G · good Grip

Thermal Knit Gloves LONGWOOL Item No.: FG340  · PU: 12x Pair/s
Hard wearing glove made from a special wool blend for extra warmth · Palm with PVC knobs provides excellent grip · reinforced fingertips · extra long cuffsMaterial:70% polyacrylic, 30% wool Temperature Range-49°C0°C10°C20°C Certification 2 2 x 2 2 4 x x

Thermal knitted Gloves CLASSIC POLKA DOT Item No.: FG13  · PU: Pack of 12
Knitted glove with studs · Acrylic density 10 · PVC studs · Elasticated cuff · Abrasion resistant · Extra long knitted

Cold Protection Gloves MAXIDRY ZERO (Suitable for Food) Item No.: FG2580  · PU: Pack of 6
Waterproof fine-knit glove made of polyamide with napped acrylic lining · Protection down to -10°C during high activity · Coating: designed for temperatures down to -30°C · Liquid-repellent · Nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips · Silicone-free · Ergonomic fit · High heat insulation thanks to the additional inner lining · Suitable for contact with food

Fine Knit Burling Gloves TEXXOR Item No.: FG46  · PU: Pack of 12
Fine knit gloves with PVC studs · best wearing comfort due to an optimal fit and high air permeability · gauge 13

Fine knitted Gloves MATRIX (Touchscreen-Suitable) Item No.: FG44  · PU: Pack of 10
The seamless knitted outer material offers a snug, flexible fit and is extremely comfortable - The PVC nubs provide an excellent grip, for optimum productivity - The glove offers good abrasion resistance and a maximum EN388 rating for tear resistance - It offers good mechanical protection and is extremely durable, offering excellent value for money - The touchscreen glove keeps your hands nice and warm and also gives full access to touchscreens

Knitted Gloves TOUCHSCREEN Item No.: FG16
Hardwearing and warm · index finger · middle finger and thumb tip made of conductive material

Fine knitted Burling Gloves Item No.: FG32A  · PU: Pack of 12
Very good fit · dirt-resistant · PVC dots on palm

Only 39 pieces available, 4-9 days

Liner Gloves UNIFIT Item No.: FG631  · PU: Pack of 12
Seamless knitted gloves · adapt optimally to the hands · can be worn on both sides


Protect Yourself and Your Hands in the Chillrooms with Our Gloves

Our hands are often considered the most sensitive part of the human body. Therefore, it is crucial to protect them in work environments with temperatures ranging from 10°C to -5°C. With our cold store gloves, you are always on the right side. Find all you need to know in the following information.

When Should Chillroom Gloves Be Worn?

Wearing chillroom gloves, also known as freezer gloves, is recommended for all activities performed in temperatures ranging from 10°C to -5°C. This includes handling chilled goods, loading and unloading cold stores, and working in cool rooms and fresh areas. The gloves protect hands from cold and ensure comfort and safety at work.

Up to What Temperatures Can Chillroom Gloves Be Used?


Our chillroom gloves are used in temperature ranges from 10°C to -5°C.

How Long Can I Use the Gloves?

The duration of use depends on individual use and working conditions. It is recommended to change gloves regularly to ensure maximum protection.

Can Chillroom Gloves Be Cleaned?

You can remove heavy dirt from the gloves with gentle pressure using a damp cloth. However, we recommend avoiding deep cleaning to prevent damaging the surface of our freezer gloves. Additionally, cleaning gloves with chemicals is not advisable as it may compromise the structure and natural protective barrier of the gloves.

Is Wearing Gloves Mandatory?

There are no food regulations that generally require wearing liquid-proof gloves. The food hygiene regulation simply states that individuals working in an area where food is handled must maintain a high level of personal cleanliness. The need to wear liquid-proof protective gloves is required in occupational medicine when working with cleaning and disinfecting agents and chemicals and working with simple cleaning agents.

What Standards Must chillroom Gloves Meet?

DIN EN 511:2006

DIN EN 511 specifies the requirements for protective gloves that protect against cold.

This standard describes the minimum requirements for thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity when cold, breathability, waterproofness, abrasion resistance and ageing resistance. EN 511 ensures that protective gloves protect effectively in extreme cold conditions and protect the wearer from injuries caused by hypothermia. The choice of a protective glove for use in cold conditions should be based on EN 511 to ensure that it meets the requirements and adequately protects the user.

DIN EN 388:2019

EN 388 explains the test procedures to make all PPE category II and III protective gloves (protection against medium and irreversible/lethal risks) comparable with each other in terms of their mechanical performance. When choosing between glove A and glove B, the user should be able to identify which of the two gloves is more suitable for his intended use.

For EN 388, every glove must pass the basic requirements for a protective glove. This is all stated in EN 420. When assessing mechanical protective gloves, the focus is placed on 6 properties: Abrasion resistance, cut resistance according to conventional methods, tear resistance, puncture resistance, cut resistance according to new methods and protection against impacts.

What Materials Are Gloves Made Of?

The chillroom gloves are made from carefully selected materials that provide both protection and comfort. Fortdress offers our customers gloves made from materials such as carbon fiber or wool.

What Types of Chillroom Gloves does Fortdress offer?

There are various types of chillroom gloves designed to meet the specific requirements and tasks in such environments.

The goal of the gloves is to provide optimal grip and support to the wearer. This is ensured, for example, by the use of nubs in the palm. Also, under gloves are particularly effective in these temperature ranges.

Are Chillroom Gloves Touchscreen-Compatible?

Some of our chillroom gloves are touchscreen-compatible, meaning they have special conductive materials on the fingertips. This feature allows you to operate electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones without removing the gloves. These gloves thus provide the necessary cold protection while offering the functionality required in modern work environments.