Our Detectable Plasters for Your Food Production Facility.

Our detectable plasters are essential for compliance with food safety regulations and provide reliable protection for minor injuries in the workplace. Trust in our quality products to keep your team safe and your business compliant.

Coil Plaster Item No.: DP8057  · PU: Pack of 12
Plaster on spool · dimensions: 25mm x 5m · blue colour for visual detection · not metal/x-ray detectable!

Fingertip Plaster Premium BORIS Item No.: DP8045  · PU: Pack of 50
Dimensions 68 x 38mm · carrier made of PU-film · metal and X-ray detectable

Plaster BRITTA Item No.: DP840  · PU: Pack of 100
Liner made of PE film · Water-repellent and oil-resistant · Visually and electromagnetically detectable · Hypoallergenic · Adheres well and for a long time · Non-adhesive wound dressing · Without latex · Aluminium strip under the wound dressing · Dimensions: 72 x 25 mm

Plaster (mixed) Item No.: DP850  · PU: Pack of 100
100 pieces mixed · Blue detectable plasters · backing material: PU film · Oil resistant · Aluminium foil under the wound pad which can be detected by metal detectors · Made of very strong PE (polyethylene) material · Water - and dirt repellent · Visually and electromagnetically detectable · Blue colour to aid detection · Strong hypoallergenic adhesive ensures less skin reactions · Absorbent wound pad does not stick to the wound · Latex free · Aluminium strip under the wound pad · Complies with HACCP, IFS, BRC standards Contents : 30 pieces x 19*72 mm 30 pcs x 25*72 mm 20 pcs x BUTTERFLY 20 pcs x ankle

Plaster AMY (for Piercings) Item No.: DP8238  · PU: Pack of 50
Plaster for piercings · detectable

Finger Bandage Plaster Item No.: DP8558  · PU: Pack of 100
Finger bandage plaster 180x20mm · X-ray detectable · metal detectable · water and dirt repellent · latex-free · resilient PU material · aluminium layer under the wound dressing

Finger Bandage Plaster LIMA Item No.: DP8147  · PU: Pack of 100
Waterproof · Aluminium strip under wound dressing · Dimensions: 120 x 20 mm

Plaster LARISSA (X-ray detectable) Item No.: DP8550  · PU: Pack of 100
PU film liner · Water repellent, oil resistant and elastic · Breathable, offers excellent wearing comfort · Visually and electromagnetically detectable · Hypoallergenic, adheres well and for a long time · Non-adhesive wound dressing without latex · Aluminium strips under the dressing contain a barium sulphate thread which is detected by an X-ray detector Dimensions: 25 x 72mm

Coil Patch (metal detectable, 60 mm x 5 m) Item No.: DP8055
detectable · Colour: blue for visual detection · 5m on roll · packed in box · Dimension: 60mm x 5m