Our Detectable Hearing Protection Keeps Your People in the Food Production Safe and Sound.

Keep your employees' hearing safe from loud food production environments with our detectable hearing protection. Comfortable and reliable, our earplugs and earmuffs meet industry standards.

Hearing Protection JORIS Item No.: DP203  · PU: Pack of 30
Suitable for X-ray and metal detectors · two flanges · earplugs with clip · adjustable · ergonomic · SNR value: 19 dB · earplugs made of latex-free silicone rubber

Hearing Protection Plugs BEETHOVEN Item No.: FEP100  · PU: Pack of 250
Ear Plugs FEP100 · without safety cord · detectable

Hearing Protection Plugs DOMINIQUE Item No.: FEP1  · PU: Pack of 200
Ear Plugs FEP1 · with safety cord · detectable