Professional Head Protection in Cold Stores, Warehouses and Vehicle Fleets.

Head protection from hats to hoods to protect against the cold and hard hats: good head protection is of enormous importance where people work hard and in cold conditions. We offer optimal head protection for frozen, fresh and logistics areas for safe working in the warehouse or vehicle fleet.

Professional Head Protection in Cold Stores, Warehouses and Vehicle Fleets.

Head protection from hats to hoods to protect against the cold and hard hats: good head protection is of enormous importance where people work hard and in cold conditions. We offer optimal head protection for frozen, fresh and logistics areas for safe working in the warehouse or vehicle fleet.

Cold Protection Hat BJÖRN Item No.: FH200
With soft faux fur lining · face protection · neck protection · ear protection · tape with Velcro for attaching ear flaps · Ideal for: forklift driversPropertiesColor: blackIdeal for: Forklift driver Material:Außenmaterial: 65% Polyester, 35% Baumwolle · graues Kunstfell: 80% Polyacryl, 20% Polyester · schwarzes Kunstfell: 100% Polyester · Isolierung: 100% PolyesterProduct series:: CROWNWashing & Care

Cap Scarf ANDERS Item No.: FH96
Microfleece · wearable as a hat or scarf · Colour: navy · blackPropertiesColor: navy/blackMaterial:100 % PolyesterProduct series:: CATAPULTWashing & Care

Knitted Hat OLE Item No.: FH75
With double polyacrylic cover · fleece lining insidePropertiesColor: deep nightMaterial:Oberstoff: 100 % Polyacryl · Futter: 100% PolyesterProduct series:: CATAPULTWashing & Care

Balaclava FINDUS Item No.: FH91
Knitted double-layered · oval eye cut edged with overlock · Colour: blackPropertiesColor: deep nightMaterial:100 % PolyacrylProduct series:: CATAPULTWashing & Care

Balaclava PETTERSON Item No.: FH880
Double-layered knit · insulated with 3M Thinsulate · ergonomic fit · long front bib · oval Eye cut edged with overlockPropertiesColor: deep nightMaterial:Oberstoff: 100 % Polyacryl · Isolierung: 65% Polypropylen, 35% PolyesterProduct series:: CATAPULTWashing & Care

Knitted Hat OSCAR Item No.: FH73-05
Colour: schwarz
With double turn-upPropertiesColor: blackMaterial:100 % PolyacrylWashing & Care

Hood KLASSIK Item No.: FH762
Button-on hood · compatible with X24J, X24B,X24W, X24C · extremely flexible, breathable and robust Taslan fabric · very light weight therefore very comfortable · use at up to -30° C · Class: 0.554 x 2 xPropertiesStandards: EN ISO 342:2004Color: blue/greyMaterial:100% Polyester

Fleece Hat Item No.: FH76
With turn-upPropertiesMaterial:100 % PolyesterWashing & Care

Knitted Hat (white) Item No.: FH471-00
Double-layered with a turn-upPropertiesColor: whiteMaterial:100 % PolyacrylWashing & Care

Knitted Cap Item No.: FH75A
Knitted cap made of 100% polyacrylic with double flap · 3M-ThinsulateTM-liningPropertiesColor: black

Earmuffs SNAP Item No.: FT4110
Wide headband · two-point suspension · infinitely variable height adjustment · handy folding · wide-soft sealing rings up to 29dBPropertiesStandards: EN 352-1:2002Color: yellow

Helmet Lining MALTE Item No.: FH350
Safety Helmet FH350 with teddy-lining · knitted forehead protection · ear and neck protection · fastened with press button · adjustable size · Matching to article FH330PropertiesColor: navy

Safety Helmet KARLSSON Item No.: FH330
Safety Helmet · made of polyethylene · shell of modern mesh structure · shell absorbs the shock before the inside fittings · upper ventilation openings (chimney effect) · reception device for chin belt · neck protection · rain gutter · 30 mm plug pockets for the reception of accessories · full plastic internal fittings with 6 point suspension · cold resistance up to -30°C (-22°F) · weight approx. 327 g · sweatband made of Eladon · Pinlock fastener · Size: one size (54-62 cm)PropertiesStandards: EN 397:2013-04Material:Helmschale: Polyethylen · Schweißband: Eladon

Basecap SIX PANEL Item No.: LC88100
Heavy, brushed cotton · six segments, embroidered air holes · size adjustment with metal buckle · shield preformedPropertiesMaterial:100% Baumwolle

Safety Helmet VINCENT Item No.: FH340
High-density polypropylen shell 4-points-plastic suspension harness buckle fastening for easy handling soft foam sweat band included cold resistant down to - 10°C · weight: approx. 360 g. · Size: One Size (52-62 cm)PropertiesStandards: EN 397:2012 · EN 50365:2002Material:100 % Polyethylen

Baseball Cap DJANGO Item No.: C616
6-panel cap · Brushed cotton · Curved peak and adjustable closure with metal buckle · Reinforced front panels · Reinforced front · Curved peak Metal closure · Not washable Material: 100 % cottonPropertiesMaterial:100 % Baumwolle

Neck Warmer ANDY Item No.: FH96A
Made of 100% Polyester (Anti-pilling Suprafleece) · elastic draw string; wearable as cap or scarfPropertiesColor: black/navy blue/whiteMaterial:100% Polyester

Filter Snood ICETHERM Item No.: GS1010-F
A comfortable filter mask with internal pocket for a removable filter, cushioned nose bridge for the perfect seal and BreathEasy technology for easy breathing even in the cold. Use as as a thermal neck warmer or snood in cold temperatures, to keep ultimately comfortable and safe!In the cold with a standard mask, snood or neck warmer these issues occur: - In the freezer, moisture from your mouth ends up circulating around the eye area and freezing on the eyelashes, potentially causing extremely hazardous eyesight damage.- Normal disposable masks in cold areas get damp, unusable and uncomfortable very quickly and need to be thrown away.Considering the above issues, we worked closely with key clients to develop what we believe to be one of the best solutions currently available, welcome the FlexiTog FM7 Defence Face mask!Our initial trials with clients in in low temperatures, had excellent responses with very good comfort reports. The following key features will be of benefit to your teams;- Bacterial filtration efficiency of 98% in a removable and replaceable filter.- A snood which you can wear with glasses! A special construction round the nose area too stop moist air circulating around the eyes (also useful for those that wear glasses as it prevents glasses from misting up).- A special construction that keeps fabric away from the mouth area thus reducing the amount of moist fabric that touches your face (one of the most regular complaints about comfort of masks).Benefits of the IceTherm Filter Snood:- Cushioned Nose-Bridge - For a perfect seal to prevent fogging glasses and uncomfortable eyes- BreathEasy© Technology - Easy breathing in the cold- Removable Filter - External pocket for a certified removeable filter which is certified to EN14683. Order Code: FMF View here- Comfortable Secure & Fit- Elastic strap and adjustable drawstring for the perfect fit- Washable design- Thermal FlexEasy© fabric for a comfortbale fit- PPE CAT: I (PPE) 2016/425PropertiesColor: blackMaterial:Oberstoff: 90,6 % Polyester, 9,4 % Elasthan · Frontnetz: 100 % Polyester · Tasche: 84 % Polyester,16 % Elasthan · Band: 87 % Polyester,13 % ElasthanWashing & Care

3-Hole Balaclava Item No.: FH89
acrylic · double knitted · 3-hole face opening · Colour: navyPropertiesColor: blackMaterial:100 % PolyacrylWashing & Care

Balaclava FLEECE Item No.: FH90
Long neck · face opening adjustable with draw cord · Colour: navyPropertiesColor: blackMaterial:100 % Polyester, Mikrofleece, 220 g/m²Washing & Care


Head Protection for Working Safely.

Head protection from caps to cold protection bonnets to safety helmets: Wherever hard work is done in cold conditions, good head protection is of enormous importance. We offer optimal head protection for deep-freeze, fresh food and logistics areas for safe working in the warehouse or fleet.

Head protection at work
In some professions it is important to wear appropriate head protection. There are many jobs where you can injure your head. The personal protective equipment for the head must be selected by the employer after a previous risk assessment in compliance with the regulations and laws - DGUV Regulation 1 "Principles of Prevention", Occupational Health and Safety Act, PPE Use Ordinance - and made available to the employees.

For which types of work must head protection be worn?
A safety helmet must be worn not only when working on the construction site, with large equipment, liquid metal or when blasting. The right head protection is also particularly important in the logistics sector. A cold protection bonnet, a cap or a knitted cap protect the worker from possible dangers, as well as cold, to which he is exposed during work.

Normal safety helmets protect against injuries to the head. They protect when working with electricity or liquid metal. Bump caps help protect against hard objects that you could bump into.

Balaclavas, caps and cold protection bonnets are used in areas where there is a risk of severe cold.

Is the wearing of head protection compulsory?
The obligation of workers to use the head protection provided arises from § 30 "Use" of DGUV Regulation 1 "Principles of Prevention". According to this, workers must use the personal protective equipment as intended, regularly check that it is in proper condition and report any defects found to the employer without delay.

DIN EN 397
The basic requirements for safety helmets laid down in DIN EN 397 are shock absorption, penetration resistance, chin strap fastening, and burning behavior. They protect the wearer from falling objects and mechanical impacts, thus protecting the wearer from the possible consequences. Likewise, the EN 397 standard includes protection against lateral deformation of the helmet. The safety helmet should protect at very low temperatures (down to -20/ -30 degrees Celsius) and also at very high temperatures (up to 150 degrees Celsius). According to EN 397, safety helmets must be marked. The standard must be written on the helmet, as well as the name and mark of the manufacturer, the year and quarter of manufacture, the type of helmet, the size and the size range (the head circumference in cm), and a short mark of the helmet material. In addition, the helmet must be combinable with other accessories (hearing protection, visual protection or similar).