From Picking to Packing: Our Warehouse Gloves are Your Perfect Fit.

Our Warehouse Gloves offer superior grip, comfort and durability to keep your workers' hands safe and productive. Browse our range of warehouse gloves, we've got you covered.

EN 388EN 511
Freezer Touchscreen Gloves TUNDRA
Freezer Touchscreen Gloves TUNDRA Item No.: FG126
This Touch Screen Glove provides protection from the cold, great grip & enables the wearer to operate touch screen devices easily · The thin but thermal design makes it great to wear in cool temperatures · Hi-Viz on the finger tips and yellow between the fingers provide extra visibility · Silicone grips on the palm of the hand provide great grip and add to the longevity of the glove

EN 388EN 511
Knitted Gloves GOODJOB
Knitted Gloves GOODJOB Item No.: FM0234
The *ECO WINTER* GOODJOB® Glove has a brushed inside for good isolation · The flexible and water repellant crinkled Latex is made of Palm Coating · seamless knitted / 7 G · good Grip

EN 388
Nylon/Nitrile Gloves CANTON
Nylon/Nitrile Gloves CANTON Item No.: FGM600
Glove - certified according to EN 388 · nylon/nitrile gloves · premium quality - fine knit, seamless · micro-nitrile foam palm coating,sanded · excellent fit · very good grip in wet conditions · very good tactile sensitivity · good resistance to oils and greases

EN 388
Safety Gloves FASTGRIP
Safety Gloves FASTGRIP Item No.: FG527A
Sewn cotton backing fabric with black foamed HPT coating · The roughened surface is liquid repellent and ensures a very good dry and wet grip · The HPT vinyl foam coating also offers good chemical resistance · Secure fit due to elastic waistband and individually adjustable Velcro closure

EN 388
Cut Protection Gloves X-DURA
Cut Protection Gloves X-DURA Item No.: FG5010
With nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips · ergonomic fit · cut protection class A4 · Lengths: 220 - 270mm

EN 388
Knit Burling Gloves KORLA
Knit Burling Gloves KORLA Item No.: FG20
Seamless knitted / 7 G · PVC-dots on the palm area · very good fit and secure grip · breathable · abrasion resistant · suitable for work with slippery objects

Cowhide Gloves
Cowhide Gloves Item No.: FG164
Cowhide gloves, super soft top full grain cowhide leather, rubberized cuffs, lined palms, available in sizes: 9, 10, 11

Nylon Fine Knit Gloves
Nylon Fine Knit Gloves Item No.: FG1492
Nylon Gloves · PU-laminated

EN 388EN 407
Cut Protection Gloves CUT 3
Cut Protection Gloves CUT 3 Item No.: A620
With PU coating on the palm and the fingertips · Ergonomic fit · Cut protection class A2

EN 388
Cut Protection Gloves CUT 5
Cut Protection Gloves CUT 5 Item No.: FG535
With nitrile foam coating on the palm and fingertips - ergonomic fit - cut protection class A3

EN 388
Knit Burling Gloves TANTUNG
Knit Burling Gloves TANTUNG Item No.: FG638
Made of cotton-Polyester blend with PVC nubs · double sided nubs - can be worn on both sides · PVC nubs

EN 388
Leather Gloves CALCUTTA
Leather Gloves CALCUTTA Item No.: FG26
Gloves with lined palm · rubberised cuff

EN 388
Fine Knit Gloves MAXIFLEX
Fine Knit Gloves MAXIFLEX Item No.: FG2460
Nitrile foam coating on the palm and the fingertips · contains aloe vera and vitamin E · the natural movement of the hands opens microcapsules in the gloves · which gives your hands boosts of energy while working · revitalising and moisturising the skin · maximum flexibility through optimal fit · high abrasion resistance

EN 388EN 16350
Nylon Touchscreen Gloves MAXIFLEX ELITE
Nylon Touchscreen Gloves MAXIFLEX ELITE Item No.: FG3000
Ergonomically shaped, flexible fine-knitted support fabric · Breathable and hard-wearing nitrile microfoam coating with excellent dry grip · Approx. 30% thinner coating and seamless fingertips for optimum fingertip feeling · Suitable for work in ESD areas in accordance with DIN EN 16350 · Problem-free operation of devices with touch screens · Material: Nylon, nitrile microfoam Pat. EP 1608808. Silicone-free

EN 388
Nylon Gloves MAXIFLEX
Nylon Gloves MAXIFLEX Item No.: FG2000
With patented nitrile microfoam coating palms coated · backs of hands and fingers free · food-safe according to specification · pre-washed · silicone-free · high air permeability · ideal for all work with high demands on tactile sensation and high dexterity · suitable for food contact according to LFGB and complies with FDA CFR 21 part 177 · dry, non-greasy food